Wordpress W3-Total-Cache Plugin Persistant XSS Vulnerability.

WordPress Plugin w3-total-cache 0-day Stored Cross site Scripting Vulnerability.

Vulnerable Plugin - W3-total-cache Plugin
Vulnerable Version  - Version and Prior.
Tested On - WordPress 3.6 on Windows 7, Linux.

Vulnerability:  Stored Cross Site Scripting.

W3-Total-Cache Plugin is Most defamed for its Poor Security.  Version of W3-total-cache Plugin ie Version, it is being hit by another major vulnerability which exploited Cleverly and Successfully can compromise the Admin Account of WordPress Site.

Following are the Steps:

1) Go to Dashboard.

 2) Click on Installed Plugins.

3) Go to W3-Total-Cache Plugin and Click on settings.

4) Go to Reverse Proxy and Click on page cache settings.

 5) Go to Cache Preload and Type Vector - "><img src=x onerror=prompt(0);>. in Sitemap URL and     Click on Save.

6) You will get a Prompt.

Here is a Video Demonstration of this Vulnerability.

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